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Reminder of event The Sunday Gathering on 2014-11-02
Regular gaming get together. Meet and play whatever or just socialize.
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SHOCKMANFree BF3 for PC until June 3rd 2014 !!
Battlefield 3 for PC Download | Origin
Carve a path through your opponents with destructible environments, vehicular combat and huge multiplayer maps
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sigh... BF4 is finally working for me again... but I have SO MANY naked weps
Impact grenades for NAR: just making a note.
Hawks vs. Panthers :sick:
Week 1 Greent......week 1
Seahawks spank chargers 31-10 in week 1 of NFL preseason. It's christmas.....oops, I mean Football season is here! :sick:
should hopefully be back up and running today
Blame "Big Fatty!" :sick:
And blame someone else
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